The Milestone Club

Beautiful baby portraits in Staffordshire

Your baby will grow so quickly in their first year. As a mum of two children (both now grown-ups), I know exactly how quickly this time goes.

You’re busy being a parent and often can feel like the days just fly by! So, it’s easy to miss moments. Documenting this very special time is where I come in.

I can capture those precious moments from giggles to first birthdays, on three occasions throughout your baby’s first year.

The Milestone Club is perfect for you if you are keen to document your baby’s first year with professional baby portraits that you’ll love to look back on in years to come.

Baby, you’ve grown!

Let me help you document the dramatic changes your baby goes through in their first year!

The Milestone Club is exclusive to Frances Stephenson Photography and is an unmissable opportunity get your very own baby portrait series.

All the baby photos are taken at my photography studio in Stafford and are done in my signature photography style.

As your baby grows and develops, I’ll record three key moments in your baby’s first year so that you’ll have professional baby portraits and precious memories to treasure and enjoy for years to come. Click here to find out more on the blog.

What are the popular ‘milestones’?

It’s completely up to you when you visit for your three milestone sessions, but most families come to me:

  • At 4 months – great for ‘tummy-time’ portraits
  • At 6-8 months – when your baby is sitting up independently
  • And, at around 12 months – to document the all-important first birthday!


Why not choose a Cake Smash or Fruit Smash session as part of your Milestone Club package?
It’s a lovely way to celebrate your baby – whether to coincide with their first birthday or at any time once they are sitting independently.
Click here to find out more about these fun sessions and view images in the Cake Smash gallery here.

View images from The Milestones Club gallery

View my baby portrait gallery to discover adorable portraits of small but fast-growing little ones! Not long ago, I was photographing some of these babies as newborns.

It’s unbelievable how fast they grow and change! Don’t miss your opportunity to capture the key milestones in your baby’s first year.

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For just £90, you will enjoy three 30-minute baby portrait sessions in my photography studio in Stafford. Then, simply choose the digital collection to suit your budget.

There’s also the option to upgrade the package – Just pay an additional £50 and you can convert the third and final portrait session into a fantastic cake smash birthday session, complete with balloons, bubbles and cake!

To find out more, please complete the form on this page and you’ll immediately receive an email with all my pricing information.


Photo Products and Wall Art

I have some beautiful photo products available should you wish to print or frame your images. (And once you’ve seen your portraits, I’m sure you will!).

Gift Vouchers are also available if you are wanting to pass on the gift of photography to someone special.