Baby nursery décor ideas (and a free wall art download)

Baby nursery décor ideas (and a free wall art download)

As you eagerly await the arrival of your baby, you’ll no doubt want to get their nursery organised. But knowing where to start when it comes to kitting out your baby’s nursery can be a challenge.

So, if you’re stuck for baby nursery décor ideas, then read on.

In this article, I’m covering what you’ll need to consider when planning your baby’s nursery room. And I’m sharing tips on how to make a homely and relaxing bedroom scheme for your little one.

Plus, I’m helping you complete your baby’s nursery by giving you a FREE download, complete with 15 wall art designs for you to print off and use.

I’ve designed it just for friends of Frances Stephenson Photography, so grab yours below!

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Decorating ideas for your baby’s nursery

  1. Colours

What colours should you choose to decorate your baby’s nursery?

This is one of the first questions you’ll want to ask yourself. That’s because the colour scheme will likely impact your choice of furnishings and accessories for the room.

If you already know you are having a little boy or girl, then you may want to go for colours that are gender specific. Or, not as the case may be!

It can be lovely to use traditional colours for little girls and boys, so you needn’t feel that you shouldn’t do this. But, of course, you needn’t be limited to blue or pink! Why not consider subtle greys, creams, mints, yellows, purples, greens? These colours are gender-neutral and are perfect for baby nurseries.

Or, if you’re not sure you even want to choose a main colour, why not stick with a fresh white neutral base? Then you can add colour through the fabrics and accessories? Or even create a monochrome scheme – a black and white nursery looks very chic too!

There are literally no rules when it comes to choosing the colour of your baby’s nursery room. It can be absolutely anything you like. Soft and subtle or bold and bright. Just choose what feels right to you.

  1. Create a feature wall

Choosing just one wall in the room to paint or wallpaper is a way to make an impact and add personality. It’s also a great idea if you’re keen to keep the rest of the room neutral.

A statement ‘feature’ wall helps to ground the room and draw the eye to it. And it’s a clever way of ensuring that the room doesn’t seem overly styled. Four walls of patterned wallpaper may be overkill!

You can get some lovely patterned wallpapers, ideal for nurseries. Everything from clouds, to rainbows, balloons, bears, unicorns and TV characters through to geometric patterns and shapes, stripes, spots. You name it, you can get it! So, shop around and see which of the nursery wallpapers you love most.

Remember though, if you want to create a timeless decorating scheme (so you don’t need to redo it every couple of years), be sure to pick a pattern or design that will not lose its appeal as your baby grows up.

And, remember, you’ll want to ensure that the nursery is a restful place for your baby. So, keep it as simple as possible. A busy pattern and bright colours will provide a lot of distraction to your baby. While this is great for the daytime, it won’t be so good at night!

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on wallpaper, simply paint the wall a solid colour. Then, either keep it plain or use nursery wall stickers or framed photos to add interesting detail. These come off easily and can be moved or replaced when you want to change things at a later date.

  1. Nursery wall art: family photos and graphic prints

The nursery wall art you choose will also be an important decision.

Professional portraits of your baby as a newborn are perfect for your baby’s nursery, and you can add to the collection as they grow. (My Milestone Club is a cost-effective way of getting updated photos taken of your baby three times during their first year).

And if you are having a maternity photoshoot done before baby arrives, your baby’s nursery is also a lovely place to display the images. Why not even create a timeline feature with your family portraits?

Nursery wall pictures that are unique and personal to you will always be far more meaningful than anything you can buy from the high street. You can either mount them on the walls or display framed pictures on shelving or on top of cupboards.

You may also want to consider framed graphic prints. These are very of-the-moment and are a lovely way of adding colour and style to your baby’s nursery and help to tie the whole scheme together.

Free Wall Art – Download today!

I’ve created a free set of nursery wall art, which you can download for free. The download includes 15 different contemporary designs suitable for both girls and boys.

Simply sign up here or click the image below to receive my monthly photography tips, news and articles and I’ll send you the wall art as a thank you. You’ll then be able to save to your computer and print out (at A4 size) at your leisure.

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Once you’ve taken a look at the designs, do let me know which are your favourites and how you’ll use them in your baby’s nursery?  Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Furnishing and Accessories

Finally, no nursery scheme is complete without furnishings and accessories in neutral, complementary or contrasting colours.

Choose accessories that are practical as well as stylish. For example, a feeding or rocking chair would be a useful purchase. You’ll likely be spending time in the nursery helping your baby to settle and feeding, so you’ll need somewhere to sit! Curtains with a black-out lining or black-out blinds would also be a great investment.

It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with creative baby nursery décor ideas, and you shouldn’t need to spend lots of money.

You’ll probably find that when you select a wallpaper design or wall paint colour, that you can purchase bedding, cushions and accessories to complement it. Colourful wooden toys, baskets, cushions, rugs and blankets, plants in pots and books are a surprisingly easy way to add visual interest too.

Remember though, that you can choose to create either a complementary nursery interior or go for something quite eclectic and contrasting. There’s no reason to not have fun when styling your baby’s nursery room!

Ultimately, when it comes to baby nursery décor ideas, anything goes! So, let your personality shine through!

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Fran x

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