Five creative ways to display your family photos

Five creative ways to display your family photos

If you’ve hired a professional photographer to capture you and your family (or are thinking about doing so in the near future), you probably plan to display your family photos in your home.

In which case, I hope today’s blog may be useful to you. In it, I’m sharing five creative ways to display your family photos.

Displaying your family photos around the home

Families who hire me as their photographer often ask me what is the best way to display their images. There is no answer to that of course since we all have our own likes and dislikes.

But the one thing that’s certain is that your professional family portraits are worth displaying in all their glory (and the bigger the better in my book!).

These are professional works of art.

They are not just snapshots but are photos and memories that are completely unique to you and which will become more precious as the years roll by.

Your ‘family as art’ is something I’m really passionate about. That’s why I love helping local families to capture their special family moments in photos.

Ideas for family photo displays

1. Portrait series

If you have a few favourite images from your family photo session, you could create a small photo display by grouping them together. There is an infinite number of ways you could choose to do this.

Perhaps a grid display, with two images above and two below? Or, side by side, or even ascending up the stairs? Or choose an asymmetrical display – who said that the photos need to follow a regular pattern, after all?

Remember, photo displays can be created in any room of your home – family portraits don’t need to just be in the living room. Don’t forget bedrooms, the kitchen, and even the hallway.

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2. A photo gallery

Similar to the portrait series idea, in rooms such as hallways you could also create a photo gallery that extends the length of the wall.

This is a great way to draw attention to your photos, and you can create an attractive look by ensuring that the photos are printed or mounted and framed in a consistent size and style.

3. A single photo wall

A single photo wall is a great way to display photos, and ideal if you have more photos than walls!

The beauty of a photo wall is that you can bring together memories from over the years and there are no rules!

You can include photos of different sizes, and include photos with either the same, or mismatching frames. And you can use the full height of the wall – so put photos from floor to ceiling if you wish, to really make a statement.

4. Standing frames

Alternatively, if you have a ledge or shelf, you could put framed photos on display without actually hanging them up on the walls. This is a contemporary alternative to wall-mounting the photos.

Simply have the portraits individually framed and then position them along the ledge or shelf however you wish. Keep the frames side by side or opt to overlap them – the choice is yours!

The beauty of this is that you can keep changing the photos around as often as you like, to mix up which ones are positioned at the front of the display.

5. Curate and display your own photo collection

Finally, if you have a bookcase, mantelpiece or items of furniture with room to house your family photos, then you could also frame and mount them on top of these for a more traditional display.

You can set the portraits alongside other treasured objects such as books and souvenirs to create an attractive display of your most precious and favourite things.

How do you display your family photos?

So, I hope these ideas on how to display your family photos have given you food for thought?

I love nothing more than hearing stories and seeing how my clients display their portraits around their homes. So, if you’re a client of mine and fancy sharing with me how you’re displaying the family portraits I’ve captured, then please do!

Don’t forget, I offer a stunning collection of professional-quality photo products, frames, albums and more; far superior to anything you’ll find on the high street. So, be sure to ask me about my product range if you’re looking to get your favourite photos displayed beautifully in your home.  

If you’ve yet to book a family photoshoot, please get in touch via this form.

I offer indoor and outdoor family portrait sessions all year round. I can photograph your family either at a local location of your choice or in my photography studio in Stafford.

Fran x

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