What to wear to your family photoshoot

What to wear to your family photoshoot

Ahead of a professional portrait session, it’s really important to plan what to wear.

Whether you’re booked onto one of my outdoor seasonal shoots, or are visiting my photography studio for an indoor family portrait session, I highly recommend that you spend some time planning your outfits.

PLEASE don’t just turn up in any old thing!

What to wear to your family photoshoot

What you, your partner and your children wear to your family photoshoot can massively affect the overall feel and quality of the pictures.

I’m certainly not suggesting you have to put on your Sunday best or wear something that doesn’t feel natural to you. No, not at all!

It’s crucial that you feel relaxed and comfortable during the session. That will allow me to get natural and flattering photos of you all.

Professional quality family portraits

But do remember, you’re probably having this session in order to get some professional quality family portraits.

You’ll need to give some thought to what you wear to your family photoshoot since you’ll want the pictures to last.

You’ll want to be happy looking back at them in years to come, and not cringing at what you were wearing!

My top tips for what to wear to a family photoshoot

Classic clothes

Smart, classic cut jeans, chinos, shirts, jumpers, classic dresses or skirts, and plain t-shirts are best.

Keep the clothing fuss-free. No over-the-top frills or patterns!

And aim to avoid anything that is fashionable, but may not be in a year or two’s time!

During an indoor, studio family photoshoot, we’re likely to do pictures without shoes. Please ensure your feet are photo-worthy! Ladies, be sure to repair any chipped polish on your toenails or why not even treat yourself to a pedicure?!

For footwear, smart shoes, boots or canvas pumps are good options for men, women and kids. Avoid branded sports trainers and anything that isn’t clean and in good condition.

Wellies are fine, but on I’d recommend you choose plain wellies rather than colourful ones with busy patterns.

Shoes say a lot about you, so keep them smart!

Muted colours

Muted colours work well.

You’ll want to avoid anything that’s too ‘loud’, patterned, or too tight-fitting. I want you to be the focus of the portrait, not the clothes you are wearing!

For a group photograph, it works really well if you can wear similar, complementary colours without being too ‘matchy’.

Avoid wearing the exact same patterns and colours as each other.

Instead, try to create a cohesive, coordinated look. Choose clothes and patterns carefully so that every family member’s clothes work well with each other’s.

Consider the seasons

If it’s one of my autumn photo walks that you’re coming along to, pick clothes that are suitable for the cooler temperatures. I may ask you to not wear a coat, so make sure you have layers on to avoid a chill!

For these seasonal outdoor photo sessions, stylish winter woollies, chunky knits and smart coordinating accessories are perfect.

Also, pick colours that work well with the season. Think warm berry colours; dark blues, mulberry, plums, and creams, browns, golds and burnt oranges. These colours will look great against the backdrop of the autumn leaves.

For indoor family shoots or for summer outdoor shoots, cooler colours are great. Classic white and denim works well. As does black or navy, with a splash of red or other bright accent colour.

But, if in doubt, stick to a neutral colour palette and you can’t go wrong!

Don’t forget accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit.

For women, don’t forget to consider your jewellery and any accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves (if it’s particularly cold).

Don’t leave these as an after-thought. These are as important as the choice of clothes since they help to create an overall ‘look’.

Further inspiration

I hope these tips have been useful.

For further inspiration, you can also visit my Pinterest board which includes ideas on what to wear to your family photoshoot.

Remember, you’re probably going to have your photographs up on the walls in your home, or mounted in frames and displayed somewhere for a long time. So, in terms of what to wear to your family photoshoot, choose outfits and clothing that will stand the test of time and make you look the very best possible version of yourself.

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Fran x

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