The secret to a successful family photoshoot | Staffordshire

The secret to a successful family photoshoot | Staffordshire

What is the secret to a successful family photoshoot?

Having now photographed hundreds of local families, I wanted to share with you today what I believe to be the most important thing for you to know about family photoshoots.

And, I’m including a selection of photos from my autumn photo walks which were held in October 2017 at my favourite local beauty spot, Cannock Chase, here in Staffordshire.

As you’ll see, they gave me the opportunity to take lots of cracking family pictures for my clients.

Fun family portrait sessions

During my family photo walk sessions, held every autumn, I take literally thousands of photos.

But the best ones by far are the ones where I capture families having fun. These are the standout images that I know my clients love too.

So, for me, this is the secret to a successful family photoshoot. Fun!

How to relax during your family photoshoot

I certainly aim to ensure that the process of having your portrait taken is as fun as possible. Even if it can be quite daunting to be photographed!

Getting you to relax and feel at ease in front of the camera is my number one priority. That’s because I know that if you are relaxed, that will shine through in the photos.

So, how can you relax during a family portrait session? Here are my top tips.

Tip No. 1 – Play

I’ll always encourage you to play together – to kick up the crispy autumnal leaves, to play hide and seek, to run, jump, spin around. Whatever it takes to make you forget that I’m even there!

If you’re having fun and enjoying the time together as a family, rather than thinking about what I’m doing and how you should pose, I can capture all the natural interactions between you.

Which is why I prefer to not provide too much direction in terms of where to stand or how to pose.

Because once I start giving instructions, the fun is lost, and this shows in the photos.

The best pictures are those which show you and your family engaging with each other in a natural, uncontrived way.

Tip 2 – Don’t always look at the camera

On the same note, I think that a great portrait isn’t necessarily one in which you are all looking at the camera. You could be looking away from the camera; to the floor, at each other, or into the distance.

What you are looking at isn’t really important. It’s how I capture you, your expression and what you are doing.

I aim to capture genuine moments since these to me are the moments that matter.

This is true whether I’m photographing babies and their parents during one of my relaxed newborn sessions, a family photoshoot or even a wedding.

Tip 3 – Don’t fake a smile

It’s just the worst when children put on that fake ‘cheeeeeese’ expression, isn’t it? I’ll always do what I can to avoid that at all costs!

So, one thing you’re unlikely to get from me is a request to smile to the camera. I much prefer it when the smiles I capture are 100% genuine.

And even if these are only fleeting, I’ll be there with my camera, eager and ready to take the shot in that split-second when they happen.

If genuine smiles aren’t forthcoming, children can always be encouraged to smile through play. And I’ve many tried and tested ways to get kids to smile, believe me!

Experience tells me that children of all ages usually love being out in the open. Playing in the leaves, discovering big sticks, and hiding behind trees is usually enough to bring out a smile.

Failing that, just making them laugh is a sure-fire way to get a great naturally happy face to photograph.

Book your lifestyle family photoshoot today

Whether you want a family portrait session outdoors, like my upcoming photo walks. Or if you want one in the comfort of your own home or at a location that is special to you, the option is there.

This year’s autumn photo walks will be taking place at a brand new location – the beautiful Stafford Castle – in early October 2018. If that’s of interest, click here or on the image below to join the waiting list and to be among the first to know when these are available to book.

Remember, my lifestyle family portrait sessions aren’t only available in autumn; they’re available all year round. Contact me today to book yours by completing this form.


Fran x

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