Newborn and baby photography: What to expect at different stages

Newborn and baby photography: What to expect at different stages

What type of images can you expect from your newborn and baby photography experience? Well, the answer to this is…it depends!

The age of your baby is an important factor in determining what photos you can expect to achieve from your photography session.

In this blog, I’m going to be running through the different stages of your baby’s development and showing you what style of images you’re likely to get at each stage. And I’ve created this handy infographic too!

what to expect at newborn and baby photoshoot

Why am I sharing this? Well, I believe it’s important that you know as much about newborn and baby photography in advance of your own photoshoot as possible.

That’s because you can then come to the session knowing what to expect and the type of images that you’ll end up with.

First up, newborn photography

If you’re after the traditional ‘sleeping baby’ photos, like the ones you may have seen in the newborn gallery on my website, then it’s important to realise that these babies were literally days old when those photos were taken.


Sleeping baby photos are usually done when the baby is between 5-10 days old. At this age, the baby is still very sleepy and curled up as they were in the womb. This is the perfect age for posed sleeping baby pictures.

It’s highly likely that the parents of those sleeping newborns booked their photoshoot months in advance in order to secure the date of their newborn session with me.

That’s because, if you leave it until closer to your due date before booking your session, or even as late as after the baby is born, there is a greater risk that I won’t have availability within that crucial first couple of weeks after your baby is born.

Five to ten days old sleeping newborn baby

My advice to you would be, if you want sleeping baby pictures of your little one, please be sure to secure your session date with me or your preferred newborn photographer as early as possible – as soon after your 20-week scan, ideally.

Fortunately, most of the parents who come to me for newborn and baby photography do book their session in early. But I do still get the occasional couple who will contact me very late in their pregnancy or once their little one has arrived.



Sadly, if I’m fully booked in the weeks after their baby is due, it’s less likely that I’ll be able to take sleeping newborn style photos. However, there is still an alternative…

Older ‘newborn’ photography

Once your baby is between 4-6 weeks old, they have changed so much from those early newborn days! Your baby will be much more alert and awake. So you can expect their eyes to be open much more than if you come in their first couple of weeks after birth.

While this means that we won’t be able to get the curled up, posed newborn photos, I’m still able to capture many wonderful images at this age. And personally, I love the eyes-open shots!

Baby with open eyes

Photo sessions for babies at this age are focussed on capturing relaxed, lifestyle images, which are no less gorgeous than traditional newborn photos. In fact, you may even prefer this style to the posed newborn images – many people do.

The best time to book this type of session is during your pregnancy (again, as early as possible). Or within the first week of baby’s arrival. I can hold the session either in my studio or in your own home.

Older newborn babies

Baby photography

Once you’ve moved on from the newborn stage, your baby will start to smile, giggle and interact with you much more. So, this is a really exciting phase! It’s a great time to have some baby photos taken.

Newborn and baby photogaphy

Between the ages of 3-5 months, your baby is awake and alert for much more of the day than before. Which means that you can expect photos of them lying on their backs looking up to the camera, kicking up their soft, squidgy legs and showing off their tummy-time skills.

The best time to book this type of session is within 1-2 months of your baby’s birth.

Three to five month old babies are a pleasure to photograph

Sitter sessions

Once your baby is between 7-9 months old, they’ve mastered crawling, are sitting up independently, and are a whole barrel of fun!

This is when their personalities really shine through in the photographs. I love photographing babies at this stage.

The best time to book a sitter session is when your baby is between 4-5 months old.

Seven to nine months old babies

A celebration of their first birthday

As your baby reaches that huge milestone – their first birthday – they are fast developing from a baby into a toddler. And as they become ever more confident, they have lots of new skills to show off to the camera. So, again, this is a great stage to photograph.

Baby photography

I expect babies of this age to be very mobile during their photoshoot, so ask for parents to be prepared to help out by returning them to position when they escape! Keeping them still in order to photograph them becomes the hardest part of my job at this stage!

My portrait services for babies of around 12 months of age include cake smash and bath splash sessions, as well as fruit smash sessions.

Bath splash

Or, if you prefer, we can do a photo session that involves no mess at all – just adorable, stylish portraits.

One year old baby

Baby Milestones: Newborn and baby photography

If you’d like to have portraits of your baby at several stages in their first year, there is also the option to join my Milestones Club.

This offers you the chance of getting your very own baby portrait series – a great way to document your baby’s first twelve months.

You’ll receive three totally bespoke sessions, tailored to your exact requirements, and adorable pictures from different stages of your baby’s first year.

Typically, parents opt for a newborn photoshoot followed by a sitter session and then a first birthday portrait session or cake/fruit smash.

To enquire or book any of the newborn and baby photography services I’ve described in this blog, please get in touch via this form.

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