The future of newborn photography

The future of newborn photography

I’ve been a newborn photographer for six years now. And I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the chance to photograph literally hundreds of babies in that time.

I’ve seen trends come and go within the newborn photography industry. And I’ve got my own opinions of what the future of newborn photography looks like.

So, it was a complete pleasure to have been interviewed by the Master Photographer’s Association (MPA) recently about this very subject.

Predicting the future of newborn photography

In the current edition of their magazine, they’re running a feature about the future of newborn photography.

I was one of just three UK-based newborn photographers invited to take part and share my views.

It was fun to be part of the conversation and to have the chance to share my thoughts on the industry that I love working in.

Since the magazine is targeted at professional photographers, and isn’t available to buy in the shops, here’s a quick overview of what shared with the MPA and what’s included in the article:

Safe baby photography

Not surprisingly, safety was a key theme in the discussion.

As you hopefully already know, I am crazy passionate about the safety and comfort of your child when you hire me as your newborn photographer. I see educating my clients and prospective clients as an important part of my work.

I’ve had extensive training in how to safely handle and pose newborn babies. And I give all my clients this guarantee – that I will take great care of their little one as if they were my own.

I am one of just 10 national ambassadors of the Baby and Newborn Photographer’s Association (BANPAS) and have had this role for two years now. I’m committed to helping spread the important message about the importance of safe practice in newborn photography.

And I talk here in this blog about why it’s important that parents choose to hire a photographer who can guarantee to create beautiful newborn images 100% safely.

As I told the MPA, unfortunately, people see newborn photography as a quick way to make money, so every man and his dog is now a photographer. And as people are jumping on the newborn photography bandwagon, there are – unfortunately – a lot out there not doing it safely.

I feel really strongly that safety training – and one-on-one training, not just group training workshops – is essential for photographers entering into newborn photography.

Newborn photography style

I was also asked in the interview about how I see the genre of newborn photography progressing in terms of style.

This is an interesting one because the ‘sleeping baby in basket’ setup has been a formula that both photographers and clients have loved now for many years.

I still do this kind of shot myself, and clients still adore them. So, they still have a place, I think.

That said though, I believe that the UK usually ends up following the lead of the USA. This is where the whole genre of newborn photography came from, after all.

So, for that reason, I think newborn photography will evolve. And it’s evolving already, in line with what is becoming popular over in America.

As such, I see a movement towards light, airy, minimalist images.

Since I introduced lifestyle newborn photography this time last year, where I take pictures in my client’s own homes, there has been lots of interest in this style. And I’m certainly being asked to do more lifestyle newborn photography in my photography studio too.

The images are very fresh, clean, and white.

There is less focus on the complex sleeping baby poses, which can take hours to setup and the images are relaxed and more informal, but just as adorable.

So, I personally think this is the direction in which newborn photography is headed.

The future of newborn photography

So, that’s a quick overview of what I discussed in the MPA article. I hope you’ve found it interesting to read my thoughts on the future of newborn photography.

What style of newborn images do you love? For your walls at home, do you want posed newborn images or informal, lifestyle images?

Let me know in the comments below what’s your preference – I’d love to hear your thoughts.  

Remember, you can book a newborn photoshoot with me by contacting me here.

Fran x

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