What is a Cake Smash Photoshoot?

What is a Cake Smash Photoshoot?

A cake smash photoshoot is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby turning the ripe of age of one!

So, if you’re in Staffordshire and have got a little one approaching that all-important first milestone, read on.

I’ll tell you what you need to know about cake smash photo sessions.

What is a cake smash photoshoot?

The first birthday ‘cake smash’ is something that originally started in America but has become more and more popular here in the UK in the past few years.

It basically involves your one-year-old baby being photographed with a beautiful, giant iced birthday cake, which they are allowed to devour during the photoshoot.

Yes, you read that right. The baby literally gets to smash up their cake! It’s the recipe for a fun-filled photoshoot, that’s for sure!

Why book a cake smash photoshoot with Frances Stephenson Photography?

There are many reasons I believe it’s worth booking a cake smash photoshoot with me:

1. 100% fun!

Leaving a young child next to an iced cake and giving them free rein to explore and make as much mess as they please is exactly what a cake smash session is all about!

You and the baby (and me) will be laughing the entire time, and it will be a great fun-filled experience that you won’t forget in the hurry!

2. Quick and fuss-free

Your baby’s cake smash photoshoot will take just one hour, no more. Any longer than that and there’s a risk they’ll get bored. So, I keep the session short and sweet.

Which also means that you can pop into my studio in the morning and still make plans for lunch and the afternoon. A cake smash session won’t eat up your entire day (excuse the pun!).

I split the hour up into three parts. Twenty minutes is spent initially getting lovely portraits of your little one. Then in the second part of the session, I bring out the cake and we get messy! The third and final part of the session is the clean up (more on that below).

3. Great memories!

The fun, and often hilarious, photos of the chaos that ensues during a cake smash session are great to hang on the walls in your baby’s nursery at home, or in your living areas so all the family can enjoy them. Or they can be used as photo gifts or thank you cards for friends and family.

However you choose to use them, the photos will be great memories for you to look back on.

What should my baby wear to their cake smash photoshoot?

During your baby’s cake smash, I recommend that they are dressed in either a cute outfit to match your chosen cake smash theme, or they can wear a simple plain white vest or even just their undies.

I have lots of gorgeous accessories, outfits and props that you can use during your session. We can discuss your requirements in advance and I’ll then create a simple but elegant theme.

I also sort out the cake for you (the cost is included in the session fee). And I’ll provide colour-coordinated balloons and bunting to complete the look (the balloons you can take home with you).

So you wont have to worry about a thing!

What about the mess?!

Ah yes, there will be mess. Potentially a LOT of mess!

Not only your baby, but the parents can often get covered in cake! So, parents, it’s worthwhile bringing along some spare clothes with you to change into afterwards if need be.

But, despite the mess (and it’s only sponge cake and icing after all), there really is no hassle for you either before or afterwards.

I source the cake (to your requirements – allergies are catered for, please just advise of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking), set up the studio to suit your chosen theme or colour scheme, and I clear up once you’re gone.

Cake Smash and Bath Splash

To help with the clean-up, I also include time for your baby to get splash around in my miniature bath. So, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ll be back to their squeaky-clean selves in no time!

And since the time in the bath presents another great opportunity to get some fun pictures of them, I’ll be there with my camera getting some adorable shots like these.

Book your cake smash photoshoot today

It’s a great idea to have professional photos taken of your child around the time of their first birthday.

Having said that, a cake smash doesn’t have to be done on your baby’s first birthday – it can be done anytime after they can sit up unsupported. But their first birthday is a popular time for people to book one.

Many local families have visited me for a cake smash photoshoot in my unique signature style, as I’ve shown here. I hope that by looking at these pictures, it’s easy to see why!

If you’re in Staffordshire and are considering booking a cake smash photoshoot, please contact me today to book yours by completing this form.

Fran x

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