What to pack in your maternity hospital bag

What to pack in your maternity hospital bag

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you should pack in your maternity hospital bag.

Babies don’t always arrive on schedule and can often arrive earlier than expected.

So, it’s a good idea to start planning what you need to buy and pack at least a few weeks, if not a month or so, in advance of your due date.

The advice is usually to have a hospital bag prepared by at least week 36 of your pregnancy. And to have it near the door at home so that it can be grabbed quickly if need be!



Preparing for labour and birth

Being organised, and having your maternity hospital bag packed and ready in the lead up to your baby’s arrival will mean that you can relax and fully enjoy those last few weeks of your pregnancy.

Rushing around the shops in a frenzy to grab last-minute bits is probably going to be the last thing you’ll want to do as your due date approaches!

So, what should you pack?

What to pack in your maternity hospital bag


If you’re a first-time mum this can be a bit of a minefield! Of course, this is all new to you and you could be tempted to pack everything but the kitchen sink, just in case!

But even if you are a second or third-time mum, it could be that what you packed in your maternity bag last time has probably long been forgotten.

Your free hospital packing checklist

So, I’m here to help!

I’ve created a hospital packing checklist which is a handy list of all the essential items that you might want to consider including in your maternity bag.

And the best thing is, it’s available for you to download for free!

Sleeping newborn baby by Frances Stephenson Photography

This checklist is a comprehensive guide to what to pack for all eventualities.

Don’t forget, you’ll want to pack items for the labour for both you and your birth partner. Plus, you’ll want to pack things for yourself and the baby after you arrive.

Some mums even choose to pack two separate bags – one for labour, one for after the birth, which you might like the idea of to keep things organised.

Planning a home birth?

Even if you’re planning a home birth, this list could still be useful to you as it includes items that you’ll likely want to have to hand at home.

And the advice to mums planning a home birth is to pack a hospital bag anyway, just in case you do need to travel to the hospital either before or after the birth at the last minute.

Sleeping baby by Frances Stephenson Photography

Download your free hospital packing checklist today

It’s far better to be prepared and ready for all eventualities, so go ahead and grab your free hospital packing checklist .

Simply complete your email address and I’ll send it to you, along with occasional future news and special offers, with my compliments.

Your maternity hospital bag will need to include quite a lot for both you and the baby, so ensure you have everything you may need by using my checklist as your guide.

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