Newborn lifestyle photography

Newborn lifestyle photography

With the government giving advice to pregnant women to self isolate regarding the coronavirus, and then when baby is here to limit essential travel, it’s no wonder you wouldn’t want to leave your house.

Have you considered a Lifestyle newborn session,  you do not need to leave your home, I would travel to you. With posed studio sessions I handle baby throughout the session, with lifestyle sessions its very much about celebrating you as a family, I do not handle baby, but give gentle direction to you, in a relaxed, organic and documentary way.

Below is a blog I wrote sometime ago, explaining how fabulous lifestyle newborn or even baby sessions are..

As you’ll know, I’m a professional and award-winning newborn and baby photographer. Plus I also specialise in outdoor family lifestyle photography.

But I don’t combine these two types of photography. That is…until now!

Natural baby photography

Last week, I had a fantastic ‘newborn lifestyle’ session. You may have seen a few snapshots that I have shared from the shoot, as a taster?

Based on the hugely positive reaction I have received so far, I have decided to now offer this as a brand new service to my newborn clients and I’m really excited about the prospect of doing more of them!

What is newborn lifestyle photography?

Newborn lifestyle photography is a way of capturing stunning baby and family portraits in the comfort of your own home.

I visit your house, or any other local venue of your choice, and spend two hours with you to take unposed photographs which document the natural moments in your daily life.

Why have a newborn lifestyle photoshoot?

There are many reasons why newborn lifestyle photography may appeal to you:

Unposed baby portraits

Parents, if you’re after some stunning newborn baby portraits but aren’t a fan of the ‘sleeping baby in basket’ type setups, then this is a great option for you.

I won’t take hours setting up each shot. All the images I will take will be completely unposed and natural. Getting your baby’s fingers into the perfect position is not my priority here.

My priority is, first and foremost, capturing your baby naturally and beautifully. This is officially a pose-free zone!

Greater flexibility for you

The beauty of a lifestyle shoot is that I can visit you in your home when the baby is any age.

They need not be younger than 10 days old, as they would need to be for a ‘sleeping baby’ studio photoshoot.

This is a huge advantage for those parents who don’t book a shoot in advance and then call me to book once their baby is born and are disappointed to find that I am fully booked!  (Sadly, it happens a lot).

It also means that you can have photos taken at any stage in your baby’s life – not just at the newborn stage or on their first birthday, which is typically when parents bring their children to me. We can do the shoot as and when it suits you (subject to availability).

Natural interactions and family moments

Another thing I love about the newborn lifestyle photography sessions is that I’ll document a moment of time in your every-day life.

I’ll record all the natural interactions and little details that help to tell the story of your baby’s new life. This is exactly what I do when photographing a bride preparing for her wedding.

And if you like, I can include the little details of your home that you love and also want to record. Whether that’s your baby’s favourite snuggle blanket in their nursery, or the elegant features of your master bedroom or other family living areas, or even your garden.

Plus, if you’re extended family includes pets we can get them involved too!

Relaxed family photos that even Dad will enjoy!

Another bonus is that because you are in a familiar environment, everyone involved in the photoshoot can be more relaxed and comfortable. This helps to make the pictures truly beautiful, as that really shines through in the photographs.


So, I am thrilled to be able to offer this new service to you!

To book your own newborn lifestyle photography session, please contact me by completing this form..

Fran x


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