A shift to relaxed baby portraits

A shift to relaxed baby portraits

Fashions change and photography is no exception. I’ve seen a shift in the last six months towards natural, relaxed baby portrait images becoming more popular amongst photographers all around the world.

After a few years of heavily-posed baby portraits, more newborn photographers – myself included – are enjoying the more relaxed baby focused imagery. I’m also finding that my clients are loving it too.

A change in style

Those who regularly see my work will have noticed a change in style. I’ve been shooting more relaxed baby portraits for a good six months now and, personally, am loving it! For me, it’s always been about capturing baby, but even more so now.

I still love traditional newborn photography but I’ve been mixing the two styles (posed and natural) together in my newborn baby portrait sessions.

Relaxed baby portraits

As a baby photographer, there is nothing better than to hear my clients say, “Oh, that’s just how he sleeps” or “He always pops his arm up like that”. These relaxed baby portraits capture your baby as they truly are.

I’m also finding that the images I take in this style are the ones that my clients are now choosing for their wall art, to hang pride of place in their homes. So they aren’t just popular but are selling well too.

Simple, beautiful images

For me, simplicity is key. It will undoubtedly keep your images timeless.

Some very fashionable props will date your images.  I take great care when choosing baskets or fabrics. I keep them as simple and natural as I can to ensure the props won’t date your images.

Do you like these relaxed baby portraits?

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