Why book a newborn photography session?

Why book a newborn photography session?

Why book a newborn photography session?

My answer to that question is, “Why on earth wouldn’t you want to capture this fleeting phase in the most beautiful way possible?”

A baby’s first 28 days go so fast. They are growing at such a rate that they can, and do, look very different at 6 weeks to what they looked like at one week old.

All of my clients say their babies have changed so much by the time they come back to view and order their pictures, literally just a few weeks after the original newborn photography session.

They also say that they now understand why I like to photograph the baby before 10 days.

Capturing precious memories

I know how quickly time goes and how important good quality images of those moments are. I can’t stop time, but for a moment I can freeze it for you.

Your images will be passed down through every generation to come. Imagine this little one showing this image to his grandchildren? How amazing is that?

Seize the opportunity

As a mum of grown-up children, I’d have loved newborn images of them. I have a few photographs but nowhere near as many as I would have liked, and nothing like the images I now take for my clients in a newborn photography session.

These precious bundles of new life will only fit in your arms for a short amount of time. Before you know it those tiny little feet are squeezing into football boots or ballet shoes in a blink of an eye.

I speak from experience as a proud mum of two children, who are now 28 and 22. Those tiny toes are not so tiny now! So I speak from the heart when I say,  they grow and they grow fast.

I love being able to freeze time for my mums and dads. To give them all those little details so they can remember how little their baby was and can treasure them forever.

Twenty-eight years ago, when I had my firstborn, the digital camera hadn’t even been invented. Now professional photography has never been more accessible.

Grab the opportunity to capture stunning, professional newborn images with both hands and book a newborn photography session today!

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