Katrina Andrews

Well where to start (only fair I tell the full story)…..

We’ve been through our fair share of photographers. When our little girl was born we wanted some newborn shots and tried 2 different photographers to get these. We noticed Fran a little too late and our baby was no longer newborn. We weren’t that deflated as after trying several people and feeling we hadn’t managed to get ‘brilliant’ shots we thought the usual – ‘the pics look good on the site but they’re probably just lucky shots and we doubt she’d be able to get shots like that with our kids’. Then our little girl recently turned one and we took the risk of trying yet another photographer (my partner is getting a bit fed up by this point) We booked in with Fran for a cake smash shoot and a few with her older brother – let’s just say we won’t be taking that risk anymore, it really was worth it!

She got some truly amazing shots of both of our children and managed to capture them perfectly! Both me and my partner were over the moon. Every single one of our pics (all 50 odd) looked better than we could imagine – they looked as good as, if not even better than those on her site (I’m slightly biased with my kids haha). All of this and we only needed 1 hour in the studio – none of it was rushed, none of ‘sit her here’ or ‘put her there’ every 2 seconds. It was so relaxed and very welcoming and more importantly fun for both the kids, our eldest usually moans how bored he is but none of that this time.

Overall a fantastic photographer who we honestly can’t recommend or thank enough! She puts all the other photographers we’ve tried to shame. Our biggest regret is not seeing Fran sooner and one negative I do have is that she doesn’t consider wall space very well lol. We have all these photo’s and collages and have no idea where we’re going to put them all. Thanks again Fran, we’ll be back soon (when we’ve managed to find wall space)

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